TuffSet CT Telephone/PC SwitchBox

TuffSet CT Telephone/PC SwitchBox

An excellent choice for users of computer audio applications who also work on the phone. Enjoy all the supurb features of the TuffSet headsets, with silent switching between computer and telephone with the touch of a button. The reception of audio remains “open” in both microphone positions. Increase productivity; no more hassling with two headsets or dealing with a headset and the phone’s handset. Foot-operated switch optional. TuffSet10 headset is required. Compatible with most phones that have the dialpad on the base, not the handset.

Price: $79.90

Price: w/Tuffset10 headset $171.00


  • Superior quality Gentex noise canceling microphone
  • Reduces equipment requirements by using only one headset
  • Quick disconnect, fine tune volume adjustment, microphone mute button
  • All day wearing comfort
  • 270° swivel ear piece and soft cupped ear cushion
  • Flexible microphone boom stays in position
  • Adjustable headband for great fit
  • Compatible with most telephones and all sound cards
  • Available in single-ear and dual-ear models
  • Simple installation
  • Two 3.5mm sound card plugs
  • AC powered
  • Two year unconditional warranty

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