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Accudata Systems



Dragon NaturallySpeaking
"Award winning" professional speech recognition systems.

Highly developed legal and medical specialty topics promote optimum recognition accuracy.

Responsive noise canceling corded and wireless input devices.

Hand-Held Recorders
Acutely sensitive and versatile voice recorders from Olympus, Voice-it and more.

Medical Databases

Electronic Medical reporting templates and speech enabled patient databases.

Remote Connectivity
Connect for support, training & online demos.

Speech Enabled Applications
Powerful Contact and Customer Relationship Management Systems.

Speech Macros

Speech driven Windows and application dictation, command, and control. Your highway to "Hands-free" computing.

Tablet PC Systems
Combine speech. handwriting, and touch screen capabilities for TAP 'N TALK™ computing experience.

Training / Support
On site orientation and training from the basics to advanced speech macro design and implementation.

Ergonomics / OSHA
OSHA encourages employer compliance with computing workstation ergonomics standards.

Medical Resource Center

Latest News

  • Tablet PCs with TAP 'N TALK® Technology
  • Opt!® Professional EMR system.
    Powerful patient relationship management system (PRMS), HIPPA ready, incorporates speech recognition, medical charting, statistical analysis, & data mining capabilities.
  • Speech Macro of the Month: Oct/Nov.
    Complete the E:mail form and receive: "dimensionXdimensionXdimension"
    This dictation command allows numerical measurment dictation i.e 2X4X10.It works with all Windows based applications.
    Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional Series 7/8/9/10 required


About us
As a "Nuance" partner, Accudata Systems services the needs of the medical, legal, professional, and general business communities for speech enabling dictation and Windows command/control software products. Responding to the challenge of workplace ergonomics and cost containment, Accudata Systems provides the speech recognition expertise that customers demand to achieve these goals. MORE...


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