TalkPro SP 1

This lightweight, ultra-comfortable headset is especially good for speech recognition applications. Designed for all-day wear, very durable and technologically advanced. Enjoy higher accuracy levels with the TalkPro SP1. Compatible with the VXI CT Switch #200136 and with the #V200667 USB Lower Cord. NOTE: NOT compatible with the discontinued TalkPro CT Switch, which connects to inline pendant style headsets.


  • Gentex noise canceling microphone
  • Ultra comfortable fit for all day wear
  • 270° swivel earpiece with soft, cupped cushion for comfort and better sound
  • Durable components for 24/7 use: high-impact engineered plastic, stainless steel adjustable headband, highly flexible microphone boom that stays in position, and high impact quick disconnect
  • Left or right side microphone placement
  • Two year unconditional warranty


Price..$97.00 ea.


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