Philips 9450 Digital Voice RecorderRecorder Kit

The Philips 9450 Digital Voice Recorder creates a powerful new category of voice recording. Combined with Dragon Naturally Speaking, the 9450 delivers a comprehensive solution for the mobile worker. Includes Philips DPM 9450 VC Digital Recorder, Carry Pouch, USB Cable, (2)AAA Batteries, 32MB Multimedia Card.

Price: 449.00

The Digital Pocket Memo 9450 VC is ideal for use in dedicated application and workflow environments. Offeing full system integration and advanced, user-oriented features for faster and more efficient workflow, it operates seamlessly with application software.

Existing dictation benefits are now enhanced by the ability to speech-assign patient/client IDs or work types to a dictation. This unique feature allows fast and convenient marking of dictation files for better identification, transcription, and archiving.

Several new features have been incorporated, including centralized firmware upgrades, record mode notification beep, and 32 MB storage for over 5 hours of recording time.

Features & Benefits

  • The 9450 VC recognizes work type codes or patient/client ID numbers spoken by the author and transforms these into file headers. The author gets immediate visual feedback via the display. Up to five ID numbers or two different work types can be assigned.
  • 4-position-switch enables single-handed use, allowing you to continue working in the most familiar way.
  • Record notification beep: can be activated, for ‘recording in progress’ notification for intuitive operation.
  • Exchangeable Multimedia/SD Card provides simple, efficient data transfer and flexibility when on the move. MMC or SD cards up to 2 GB can be used. A Philips Multimedia Card is included.
  • Option to change storage mode allowing continuous recording similar to analogue tape-based recording
  • DSS file format, the industry-standard file format for recording devices, offers minimum file sizes while maintaining crystal clear sound quality.
  • End-of-letter index marks a dictation file as complete and automatically generates a new file (button can also be disabled).
  • Voice-activated recording gives users hands-free dictation.
  • Insert, overwrite and delete functions allow full editing and continuity of dictation (buttons can also be disabled).

Workflow Benefits

  • Workflow management capability enables definition of 5 x 20 keywords.
  • The Barcode Scanner Module 9284 (optional) can be used to link demographic information to dictation files.
  • Centrally triggered remote firmware upgrade allows simultaneous upgrading to future product enhancements, greatly facilitating enterprise wide maintenance
  • Priority index marks a dictation file as urgent
  • LC display shows creation time/date, size of the dictation file, operating mode and battery status

Recording Format DSS (Digital Speech Standard)
Frequency Response 300 – 6,000 Hz
Recording Time 32MB - LP > 7 hours / SP > 5 hours
Output Power 140 mW
PC Interface Mini USB 2.0 full speed
Weight 87 grams
Dimensions 127 x 51,5 x 16,2 mm
Voice Activation Yes
Microphone Jack 2.5 mm
Earphone Jack 2.5 mm
Power Supply 6.3 V DC
Data Input patient/client ID numbers
Battery Life approx. 12 hours
Download Time 10 min. dictation in 3.2 sec

Price: 449.00

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