Philips SpeechMike LFH-3215

Philips SpeechMike lll

With close cooperation from professional end users, SpeechMike 3 is a milestone in customer driven product development. This robust and reliable device delivers new ergonomic and practical use improvements over the much loved SpeechMike Pro 2. Philips has designed this new model with improved noise reduction technology, exceptionally clear sound quality and optimized programmable dictation buttons.

The SpeechMike lll offers advanced technology that enables impressive speech recognition and digital dictation results.

The SpeechMike lll offers these outstanding features

  • Better recording quality
  • Slider switch for ease of dictation
  • Ready to use - pre-installed default settings integrate with speech recognition software
  • Customizable functionality for any third-party applications (i.e. EMRs, electronic imaging system)
  • Secure - encrypted and bug-proof data transfer - HIPAA supportive
  • Robust and durable design for solid, long-term performance - Antimicrobial housing
  • Optimized ergonomic, comfortable design for fatigue-free operation
  • Excellent capabilities for integration with speech recognition software
  • Noise reduction microphone for capturing superb audio dictation
  • Laser trackball allows for total computer control

SpeechMike lll LFH-3215 - $379 - Free Shipping

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