Philips SpeechMike Pro LFH 5274

The "Speech Mike Pro" has been designed specifically for Medical, Legal, & business professionals, offering precise control over dictation input and command of all Windows applications. You will never want your old headset or standard mouse again.

This device represents a revolutionary improvement to the user friendliness of speech processing and Windows applications on a PC.

For doctors, attorneys, and other professionals that have become accustomed to using a dictation wand, the Phillips "Speech Mike Pro" has the same familiar feel with all of the added functionality.

The SpeechMike Pro offers the user six programmable buttons, easily set up as hot keys or to send standard text. Users can fully navigate and control Windows 2000/XP applications with one device at your finger tip. Additional user convenience is provided by LED indicators for visual feedback and a built-in loudspeaker for audible feedback. The ergonomic design ensures that the PC user can input speech and work under Windows efficiently using a single input device.

At Accudata Systems we have become so accustomed to the "SpeechMike Pro", that virtually all of our form entries are done by using the combination dictation microphone and programmable buttons. Using a "SpeechMike Pro" button emulating the tab key, users can effortlessly tab from field to field, using speech to complete data entry.

The "SpeechMike Pro" is used in place of the traditional headset and plugs into your USB port. Should you so desire, you can use the "SpeechMike Pro" in conjunction with a traditional headset by using your headset for speech input and the "Speech Mike Pro" for programmable command and control of all Windows and application functions.

  • 6 programmable pushbuttons
  • Dustproof optical trackball & scroll wheel for precise navigation
  • Clearly visible LEDs indicate recording, inserting and overwriting mode
  • Right & left mouse buttons
  • Left mouse trigger located in rear of unit

09/03/2013: Only left 18 in stock!

Once they are sold thats it. This unit has been phased out by Philips.
The newest model is the SpeechMike Premium

SpeechMike Pro LFH5274: $395.00

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