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Website Sample Designs
These sample pages employ solid colors and more robust side borders. Click on each combination to view that opening page
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01 crimson crimson/blue crimson gold
02 green crimson/green green crimson
03 crimson green/gold green green
04 blue blue/crimson blue crimson
05 blue blue/gold blue gold
06 green green/gold green gold
07 blue gold/blue blue gold
These sample pages use color graphics that are softened (diffused) and slighly more streamlined then those listed above. Click on each combination to visit that page.
08 crimson green/crimson crimson green
09 crimson crimson/gold crimson gold
10 blue gold/blue blue gold
11 crimson gold/crimson crimson gold
12 green green/crimson green crimson
13 crimson crimson/green crimson green
These samples use a composit of contemporary graphics & fonts
14 blue blue grey blue/grey
15 blue blue grey blue/grey
16 blue blue grey blue/grey
17 crimson crimson grey crimson/grey
18 green green grey green/grey
19 green green grey green/grey
20 crimson crimson grey crimson/grey

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