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Website Development & Maintenance

How do you get started?

  1. Initial Consultation. Together with you and you staff, decisions will be made concerning the scope and direction of this project. Prior to this, domain name searches will be conducted to check on availability. Domain registration, monthly hosting, site maintenance, and initial design costs will have been approved prior to design/content visualization.
  2. Domain setup. Your name will be registered and a monthly billing account will be established between your Practice and the domain host. Billing is done automatically with a credit card. Typically, name registration costs are about 10.00 per year, with monthly hosting costs about 15.00.
  3. After registration has been completed your site will be ready for publishing within 24-48 hours.
  4. Site Design and posting. After decisions are made regarding a design layout and email accounts, a modified site prototype will be published for private viewing. You and your staff will review the design and modifications will be made. It is recommended that the initial public posting be keep simple. Ultimately more sophisticated content including multimedia could be posted.
  5. Redirected E-mail communications will be tested using a "Contact" form similar to the prototype shown by clicking the "contact" menu button.
  6. Web posting will never be final since changes will always be taking place. But you certainly could expect that your site will be up and running for public consumption with a couple of weeks.

Site Maintenance
  • Accudata's staff will maintain the site for you or, will train your
    key staff members on the use of HTML, file transfer to your domain
    server, and the ins and outs of Dreamweaver (MacroMedia). We all love uncle Bill Gates, but FrontPage just doesn't cut it. Best of all, you don't have to be a computer geek to keep your web site fresh and updated.
  • No Rocket Science here. Website design and site modifications certainly require an understanding of desktop publishing and file manipulation. However, simple HTML editing to keep your site topical and interesting, is not that difficult. FTP (file transfer protocol needed to upload web site files) applications are easy to use and extremely useful for maintaining a backup data repository for your accounting and EMR database files.
  • Keep it can see on the Accudata site that you can
    download the "macro of the month". Keep your patients coming back for more good stuff, and your practice name will benefit from the exposure. Take a page out of the dentists' marketing book...They do a great job......of staying in touch with their patient base.
  • Patient orientation........I would give each patient, during your
    privacy orientation discussion that HIPAA requires, a quick run thru your website to demonstrate your intense interest in them.

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