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The discovery of rubber is a history lesson that always amazes me. Some guy in the Amazon was holding a bucket of liquid extracted from a tree and accidentally spilled the liquid on a stove. The heat solidified the liquid and Ford Motor Company decided that its cars would ride smoother if it could be formed into a tire. And the rest is, as they say "history".

Codefinder had a similar historical genesis. A manufacturing client of ours desperately needed a means to look up codes to complete a database record, and the MIS dept. could not allocate the resources to help them. Over a Chinese lunch of fried rice and sweet 'n sour chicken, our chief software designer graphically designed CodeFinder on a napkin. I got so excited that I forgot to eat the Wanton soup. Lunch cost $25.95+tip, but the experience was priceless!

CodeFinder serves as a handy lookup vehicle for data (normally located in a reference book) entered on a repetitive basis. Completely speech enabled, users can activate this program and search for data by code or description. Lookup data can be entered manually or imported using the most common transfer protocols. In fact you can establish an unlimited number of code categories. After finding the code by speech, users need only to say "Paste results" and the referenced code is pasted into the data field or text document from which CodeFinder was activated.

Medical offices could load their ICD9 and CPT codes which are required to complete EMR or HFCA 1500 billing requirements. Although there are literally thousands of these codes, we have never met a practitioner that used more than 100 of these codes specific to their practice. Other typical uses could involve Zip codes or any industry code with a corresponding description. Find and paste that code to a data base field.

Medical Example: You're dictating SOAP notes that require ICD9 codes. With the cursor in that database field, you say "Find diagnostic codes" and presto, CodeFinder pops on the screen. You then say "Lyme Disease" and Codefinder locates and highlights the appropriate description. By saying "Paste results", the numerical code is now pasted in the database ICD9 field. Codefinder has disappeared from view......staged to make a comeback when needed.

In mere seconds, a cumbersome, repetitive routine is automated with no interaction with the keyboard.

Opt!® CodeFinder clearly demonstrates the benefits of speech recognition deployment.....its snazzy graphical nature is a marvelous illustration of the power and flexibility of speech recognition command and control.

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